About Us

Our Short History

Planning a Special event is no small task. Hundreds of details need to be taken into consideration. We are highly experienced in this area, and we are successful thanks to our very qualified and talented staff.
Every event is different, we work very closely with our clients in developing the atmosphere they envision.
We go over every detail, every option, and infuse new ideas to create a joyful, gratifying and memorable event.

From selecting the most appropriate attire, color schemes, decor and other accessories, we strive for the event to provide experiences above and beyond your original expectations.
Whether large or small, every detail is carefully analyzed, carefully planned in sequence with the different steps involved in preparation & during the event development. Our existing satisfied client base, regularly returns to us for assistance in planing and organizing their next event.
There is no need for you to be overwhelmed in attempting to coordinate your event, get the help of experts, we can save you time, money and stress. We are not just another "tux & gown" rental.
We are a team of experienced professional event planners. Our customers are very pleased and that is our base for approaching our tasks, Our success is all in your event's success.

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